Manifestation Mastery #1 - Clearing Negative Emotions Toward Myself

If I am not living my ideal life things can get better. Manifestation Mastery.
In the last Manifestation Mastery Workshop, I shared the Transmute Method for clearing difficult emotions that block manifestations. Some examples are: fear, anger, blame, judgment, worry, guilt, jealousy and victim mentality.

This morning as I did my meditation practice and connected deeply into my Spirit and physical body I became aware that I was carrying some guilt and judgement toward myself that have been preventing a fuller manifestation of my well-being. I was emotionally triggered because I ate some food yesterday that caused a congestion reaction in my body. I was carrying guilt for allowing myself to be in circumstances where I was not supporting my own health in the past.

Some of you may be aware that at various times in my 40 years of life, I experienced health issues including chronic, frequent migraines, cancer and tumor scares, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, chronic fatigue and more. At those times, I used my Divine Creative Power to create guilt and judgement about the factors that were helping me to be sick, like my poor diet and exposure to toxic chemicals. Those negative emotions helped me to get back on track! They caused me to take better care of myself. My diet and my environment are now clean and I am now extremely grateful to be well and whole and thriving in good health.

shadow ShaunHowever, I realized that even now when I have things in my experience (food, environmental factors) that I know do not support my optimal health, I have been judging myself and blaming myself, feeling guilty for failing to protect myself. After all, my inattention to these things cost me dearly in the past. There was a time when what I ate yesterday could have triggered a debilitating three-day migraine instead of the little bit of congestion I experienced this morning. But I know that if I am holding guilt, blame and judgement against myself, then I am holding myself in the vibration of the manifestation of poor health that I was in when I first created those emotions. Unless I release these negative emotions, I cannot move forward into the dynamic, rich, even more abundant health and well-being that are available to me, that I desire to manifest.

Since this awareness came up when I was meditating, I was already sitting so I just re-grounded myself energetically and then did two rounds through the Transmute Methodspeaking it aloud with full presence as I explored and released my guilt, blame and judgement toward myself. I did not want those emotions to continue to manifest less health and well-being in my body than I know I can experience. If nothing else, it was affecting my peace of mind to feel guilt whenever the triggers arose in my life of desiring healthier food or a cleaner environment!

Whew! The Transmute Method is very powerful! As I moved through it and finished, I felt light-headed and tingly in my feet as the energy of the negative emotions released and transformed. Then I experienced a rush of peace and bliss and warmth as I realized that I AM now supporting my ideal health and well-being! My sinus congestion cleared within minutes. It's amazing to realize how negative emotions keep us stuck in a lower manifestational vibration!

I would love to hear how you're using the Transmute Method! Click here to join the Manifestation Mastery facebook group and post your experience! If you haven't spent time with me yet to learn the Transmute Method then click here to contact me for a private Manifestation Mastery session or join us at the next Manifestation Mastery Workshop on Sept 26 in Berkeley!

Here's to ALL of our wildest dreams fulfilled!


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