Don't Struggle... Adjust!!

Don't Struggle... Adjust!!

I have come to realize in life that we humans believe that we must struggle to achieve something ("no pain, no gain", etc.) but this is not true!!

Pain and discomfort are results of our resistance to evolve, resistance to change.

So I have learned that when I find my situation evolving into an uncomfortable one, I ask My Higher Power how I may adjust in order to rejoin the flow. These are the same tools that I share with my clients.

The only reason our situation ever gets difficult is because it is TIME TO SHIFT - to adjust.

If we never faced adversity, we would remain stagnant. But when adversity comes, the test is: how fast can I adjust to embrace my new reality? The answer is directly proportionate to how much joy I will experience in life.

The most unhappy people I know are also the most stubborn. The most joyful souls in my world are the ones who smile (even through tears) and walk faithfully into change...

If you would like more tools about how to navigate and embrace change so that you can move to the next level in your experience, contact Shaun.

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